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Invitation to Open Town Hall Forum

The Town of Yucca Valley announces “Open Town Hall”, an on-line forum for civic engagement. The Open Town Hall forum gives the opportunity for the comyv_forummunity to offer valuable input on the update to the Town’s General Plan. Currently, the form is seeking input for the General Plan Visioning Statement. Readers will be able to see what other residents are saying about the General Plan Vision Statement, and then can post their own individual view on the topic.

The Town of Yucca Valley will be using the Open Town Hall forum throughout the General Plan Update process to stimulate a broad base of views and comments. The Town encourages sharing the forum with family, friends and coworkers to participate in sharing ideas, gems of the community and areas needing improvement. To participate, go to the Town of Yucca Valley’s website at www.yucca-valley.org, and click on the Open Town Hall icon.

A General Plan is a set of long-term goals and policies that decision makers will use to guide growth in the Town of Yucca Valley. The General Plan Update is an opportunity to evaluate priorities and aspirations. Since the plan’s last adoption in 1995, the community\’s needs and values may have changed, The update to the General Plan will create a contemporary vision for the future that reflects the local values of residents, businesses, and Town officials.

For more information on the General Plan Update or to participate in the Town Hall Open Forum, visit the Town’s web site at www.yucca-valley.org.