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Compass Blueprint

Mid-Town Master Land Use Vision and Mobility Plan


This is a project for the Town of Yucca Valley with funding provided by the southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) Compass Blueprint Program.  Compass Blueprint assists Southern California cities and other organizations in evaluating planning options and stimulating development consistent with the region's goals. Compass Blueprint tools support visioning efforts, infill analyses, economic and policy analyses, and marketing and communication programs.

The Mid-Town area is approximately 568 acres in size and is illustrated in the Mid-Town Master Land Use and Mobility Plan Project Area Map. It is located in the center of the Town of Yucca Valley, and is generally bounded by Sage Avenue on the west, Joshua View Drive on the east, Onaga Trail on the south and Crestview Drive on the north. The Mid-Town area is anchored by the intersection of two state highways - State Route 62 (Twentynine Palms Highway) and State Route 247 (Old Woman Springs Road). This intersection is the highest traffic volume intersection in the Morongo Basin and a focal point of the community. These highways provide the only regional transportation linkages to and from the Morongo Basin, and Twentynine Palms Highway is the gateway to Joshua Tree National Park. In addition, the majority of the Town's non-residential uses are located along Twentynine Palms Highway, thereby contributing significantly to the Town's overall image and character. Twentynine Palms Highway exhibits the right-of-way and auto-oriented character that is typical of state highways amd major arterials.

Mid-Town Master Land Use and Mobility Plan Project Area
Compass Blueprint Programs are based upon four guiding principles
  Principle #1 - Improve mobility for all residents
    Encourage transportation investments and land use decisions that are mutually supportive
    Locate new housing near existing jobs and new jobs near existing housing
    Encourage transit-oriented development
    Promote a variety of travel choices
  Principle #2 - Foster livibility in all communities
    Promote infill development and redevelopment to revitalize existing communities
    Promote developments that provide a mix of uses
    Promote "people-scaled" pedestrian-friendly communities
    Supoort the preservation of stable, single family neighborhoods
  Principle #3 - Enable prosperity for all people
    Provide a variety of housing types in each community to meet the housing needs of all income levels
    Support educational oppurtunities that promote balanced growth
    Ensure environmental justice regardless of race, ethnicity or income class
    Support local and state fiscal policies that encourage balanced growth
    Encourage civic engagement
  Principle #4 - Promote sustainability for future generations
    Preserve rural, agricultural, recreational and environmentally sensitive areas
    Focus development in urban centers and existing cities
    Develop strategies to accommodate growth that uses resources efficiently, eliminate pollution, and significantly reduce waste
    Utilize "green" development techniques
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icon Existing Conditions Review and Identification of Oppurtunites and Constraints
icon Mid-Town Market Potential Analysis
icon Existing Mobility Conditions Memorandum
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