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General Plan

If you are looking for the current General Plan, you have followed an old link. To access the new General Plan adopted in February 2014, please click here

Town of Yucca Valley’s General Plan is a policy document for the long-range comprehensive development of the Town. The General Plan provides direction for future growth and brings into focus the relationship between residents and their pursuits and institutions, offering policy statements, which embody the expressed goals for present and future generations. As a policy document, the General Plan provides the legal basis for all subdivision, zoning and related ordinances. It also provides the legal basis for the initiation and authorization for all public improvements and projects.

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Chapter 1:  Introduction     204 KB
Chapter 2:  Administration and Implementattion     424 KB
Administration and Implementation Element
Chapter 3:  Community Development     4.6 MB
Land Use Element
Circulation Element
Housing Element
Parks, Recreation and Trails Element
Community Design Element
Scenic Highways Element
Economic Development Element
Chapter 4:  Environmental Resources     2 MB
Biological Resources Element
Archaeological and Historic Resources Element
Water Resources Element
Air Quality Element
Open Space, Mineral, Energy and Conservation Element
Chapter 5:  Environmental Hazards     1.8 MB
Seismic Safety Element
Slopes, Sediment Control and Soil Conservation Element
Flooding And Hydrology Element
Noise Element
Hazardous and Toxic Materials Element
Chapter 6:  Public Services and Facilities     1.7 MB
Fire and Police Protection Element
Schools and Libraries Element
Emergency Preparedness and Health Services Element
Public Buildings, Facilities and Utilities Element
Arts, Culture and Humanities Element
Chapter 7:  Glossary     224 KB
Appendices:     5.1 MB
Implementation Strategies
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