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General Plan Environmental Impact Report (EIR)
 Complete General Plan Environmental Impact Report (EIR)     9.7 MB
 Table of Contents:     712 KB
List of Exhibits
List of Tables
List of Graphs
List of Appendices
Environmental Summary/Matrix
I:  Introduction and Project Description     556 KB
A.   Lead Agency
B.   Introduction
C.   CEQA Requirements
D.   Project Location and Description
       1. Location of Projects
       2. Project Description
E.   Draft General Plan Goals and Policies
       1. Goals
       2. Policies
       3. Statistical Summary
II:  Regional Environmental Setting     884 KB
A.   Existing Land Use
B.   Surrounding Land Use
C.   Topography
D.   Climate
E.   Soils and Geology
F.   Hydrology
G.   Water Quality/Resources
H.   Biological Resources
I.   Cultural Resources
J.   Visual Resources
K.   Air Quality
L.   Noise
M.   Traffic/Circulation
N.   Public Facilities and Services
O.   Socio-Economic Resources
III:  Existing Environmental Conditions, Project Impact, and Mitigation Measures     6.2 MB
A.   Land Use Compatibility
B.   Traffic/Circulation
C.   Soils and Geology
D.   Hydrology
E.   Water Quality/Resources
F.   Biological Resources
G.   Cultural Resources
H.   Air Quality
I.   Noise
J.   Visual Resources
K.   Utilities/Public Services and Facilities
L.   Socio-Economic Resources
IV:  Unavoidable Significant Impacts     68 KB
V:  Alternatives to the Project     832 KB
A.   Alternative 1
B.   Alternative 2
C.   No Project Alternative
D.   Land Use, Environmental, & Service Impacts
VI:  Short-Term Use Versus Long-Term Productivity     162 KB
VII:  Irreversible and Irretrievable Commitment of Environmental Resources     40 KB
VIII:  Growth Inducing and Cumulative Impacts     296 KB
A.   Growth Inducement
B.   Cumulative Impacts
IX:  Organizations, Persons and Documents Consulted     132 KB
Appendices:     13.6 MB
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