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Volunteer Programs

Search and Rescue

Search and Rescue volunteers are responsible for locating and rescuing lost persons. In our extreme climate, timing is crucial. Volunteers are on 24-call out and expected to respond promptly when called for a search. Each volunteer provides his/her own survival gear and uniform. Duties also include monthly training/business meetings, searches by foot, vehicle and air, technical rescue/rope rescue skills, tracking, and public presentations. Searches include looking for hikers, downed aircraft, children, suicide victims, and criminal evidence.


•   Must be at least 18 years old
•   High school graduate or have a GED
•   Valid driver’s license
•   Successfully complete the Basic Search and Rescue Academy (48 hours)
•   Pass an oral interview and background investigation
•   Pass a physical examination and drug test

Mounted Search and Rescue

Mounted Search and Rescue volunteers have the same duties as above except these duties are performed from horseback. The requirements are the same as search and rescue plus you must pass a horse and rider skills evaluation.

For more information on any of these volunteer programs, contact Vera Martinez, Police Safety Specialist, at (760) 366-5748.

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